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X360dock Solderless Usb Loader for Xbox 360

The X360dock is an Xbox 360 drive emulator that enables you to play all your xbox 360 games from any USB drive.The device is compatible with multiple file systems,it works with all PHAT xbox consoles and most slim consoles.

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Why Buy?
- No soldering required, fairly easy to install
- Allows you to run games from an external harddrive or storage devices, instead of your original discs
- Compatible with all fat xbox 360 consoles and most slim consoles
- Upgradable via USB storage
- Support multi-languages
- An additional USB cable has been added to each package as a bonus
- Please do not play xbox live, do not sign in xbox live even if you are in pass-through mode. Also do not update your XBox to a new future firmware until you confirm our x360dock has already released the update to support it.
- We offer special discount for orders of 50 pieces and more
- We have x360dock/x360 dock in stock ready for fast shipping (usually ships within 24 hours)
-- Free shipping to all over the world with tracking number


The X360dock is a solderless device that allows you to run games from an external harddrive, instead of your original disc.Gone are the days of game disks,you don't need to worry about the games being scratched or damaged anymore.What's more,the installation for the x360dock is a solderless one, this is a great thing for users.The life of the laser in your xbox console will be considerably extended for you will no longer be using the DVD drive as much.



- Supports most file systems, including NTFS, EXT2/3/4, and Mac OS X Extended
- High speed USB2 interface
- Compatible with all fat xbox 360 console and most slim models
- Supports most Xbox 360 and Xbox 1 games
- Linux firmware fully updatable from USB media
- No drive flashing or JTAG hack required
- AP25 protection emulation
- No soldering required
- Upgradable via USB storage
- Touch screen remote


Coming features
- xBox 360 live
- Compatible with all slim models
- Retrieve the key from your DVD drive without any extra tools


How to update the firmware of x360dock
x360dock's firmware can be easily upgraded via USB storage device.Simply put the new firmware onto the root of your Micro SD card and connect it with the x360dock motherboard.That's all you need to do.The x360 dock will detect the new firmware automatically and update your device in a few minutes.


X360dock compatibility

Fat/Slim Console 360 DVD drive type x360dock compatible
Fat Samsung ms28 and ms25 Yes
Fat Hitachi (All) Yes
Fat BenQ Yes
Fat Liteon 7,8 and 9 series Yes
Slim Liteon 9504 (now 0272 on new dash) Yes
Slim Liteon 0225 Yes
Slim Hitachi 0500AA Nonot yet, but will be with future update
Slim Liteon 0401


Slim Liteon 1071

No not yet, but will be with future update

Slim Liteon 1214

No not yet, but will be with future update


How to install x360dock/x360dock user guide

How to install x360 dock
Part1.Installing The X360DOCK

Part2.Installing The X360DOCK Software

x360dock touch screen remote


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