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Xbox360 Key/X360key/Xkey Usb Loader

x360key/Xk3y is an awesome product that will allow you to play games from an external USB hard drive or game hdd!It is also called Xbox360key, which is released by the world's first xbox360 jailbreak team.
xk3y goes live!
x360key English Version arrived ! All the x360key from us now are English Version devices!

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Why Buy?

- Play all your Xbox360 games from any USB drive
- Released by the first xbox 360 jailbreak item in the world
- Compatible with nearly all Xbox 360 models (all phat models and most slim models)
- We have xkey/x360key/xk3y in stock ready for fast shipping (usually ships within 24 hours)
- Each device has a unique verification code
Supports multi-languages

- We offer discount for orders of 50 pieces and more
- 100% solderless installation,easy to install,easy to use,plug and play
- Free shipping to all over the world with tracking number

Download xk3y firmware v1.20

Running a custom Linux system, x360key is capable of immaculately emulating the optical disk drive in Xbox 360, allowing you to play all your Xbox 360 (and Xbox 1) games from any USB media. It is compatible with all Xbox 360 models, both Fat and Slim, and offers advanced features such as emulation of the AP25 protection.
After more than a year in development x360key team announced one of the most sophisticated backup loaders the world has ever seen. Backed by a team of hardware experts and some of the most renowned and respected members of the Xbox hacking community they have no doubt this will be an instant success!




-User friendly: intuitive interface, no soldering required
-Compatible with all fat (and soon slim!) Xbox 360 models
-Supports most Xbox 360 and Xbox 1 games
-Supports most file systems, including NTFS, EXT2/3/4, and Mac OS X Extended
-High speed USB2 interface
-Stylish USB control pad for selecting games and controlling your x360key
-Powerful embedded Linux system running from Micro SD card (included)
-Linux firmware fully updatable from USB media
-FPGA fully updatable from USB media via built-in, in-system JTAG programming
-Recovery mode - it is always possible to recover from a bad flash
-No drive flashing or JTAG hack required
-AP25 protection emulation

In A Firmware Coming To You Soon:
-Support for all slim Xbox 360 models
-Web Control Panel *

Work in progress:
-Loading games from NFS and Samba shares*
-Xbox Live support
-Backup original Xbox 360 games to USB hard drive


X360 Key Instructions

x360key consists of 2 parts, a motherboard and a remote.

The motherboard connects to the SATA bus inside the Xbox 360, and sits between the drive and the Xbox 360 motherboard. x360key is a full-fledged computer system running embedded Linux. It is capable of many things such as
- Emulating the Xbox 360 DVD drive
- Reading USB hard drives and other USB media with various file systems
- Updating itself and other hardware from USB media
- Communicating with the remote and other external USB devices
- And a lot more! (embedded Web server and Wifi connectivity for exampe)

The remote is a simple yet stylish piece of hardware that features an OLED display and 3 buttons. It connects to the x360key motherboard via a high speed USB2 connection. It also has USB for connecting USB hard drives and other devices. The OLED and buttons are used to control various aspects of x360key. It is also used for browsing attached USB media devices and launching games.


How to install X360key?

The x360key team have done everything they can to make this device ready to install. Its a solderless installation!A detailed installation video will be posted on our website.You can follow the tutorial to install your x360key,please note that flashing tools are needed to extract the key from drives, yet many users already know their key files, then connect the xk3y with the xbox 360 with some cables.The great news is that the x360key will be able to extract the key out of every compatible drive for you in the near future! This means that you are in the installer and you have the tools to do everything yourself.


How to update x360key/xk3y/xkey firmware?
1. Extract the two files "rootfs" & "uImage"
2. Add the two files to the root folder of a Flash Drive or HDD. (Make sure to eject the drive properly from the PC, it may otherwise cause corrupt files)
3. Connect the Flash drive or HDD to your xk3y remote and wait for the xk3y to start the update.
4. The remote LED will now display "UPDATING - PLEASE WAIT" for about 35 seconds. (Do not turn off your XB360 or disconnect the remote while updating)
5. Once the update is completed, the LED will display "UPDATE COMPLETE - RESET XBOX" Reboot your xbox and the xk3y should now be updated to the latest firmware.
6. That's it! Continue to enjoy using xk3y with the new features!

NOTE! Its not needed, but recommended to remove the "rootfs" & "uImage" from the root of your drive after a firmware update. Since keeping them there will cause the xk3y to check the files if they are a newer firmware version then stored on your xk main board, and because of that take longer time for your HDD to be recognized.


X360key/Xkey FAQs

Configuring xKey - Fats
xKey requires a dump of the original firmware from your drive. This is copied to the xKey's SD card, when the xKey boots the firmware file its analysed, the drive type is identified and the drive key etc. are extracted.

If you have CFW
You should have a backup of the OFW (or all the information to recreate one) and it is this file that is used to configure xKey. There is no need to reflash your drive with OFW.

If you have a stock drive
a dump must be obtained using available tools (we recommend the Maximus Lizard 360).

Configuring xKey - Slims
xKey requires the file set (dummy.bin etc.) that can be created with available tools, these are copied to the xKey's SD card. When the xKey boots, the files are analysed, the drive type is identified and the drive key etc. are extracted.

If you have CFW
You should have a backup of the required files and they are used to configure xKey. There is no need to reflash your drive with OFW

If you have a stock drive
a dump must be obtained using available tools (we recommend the Maximus Lizard 360).

Firmware Dumping
At launch xKey can't dump the drive firmware. Updates, planned for shortly after release, will allow xKey to perform this task for you. There is no need to flash your drive and 0225+ owners can enjoy all the benefits of xKey without the hassle of swapping PCBs or waiting for an unlock hack



Xk3y compatibility

Fat/Slim Console 360 DVD drive type xk3y compatible
Fat Samsung ms28 and ms25 Yes
Fat Hitachi (All) Yes
Fat BenQ Yes
Fat Liteon 7,8 and 9 series Yes
Slim Liteon 9504 (now 0272 on new dash) Yes
Slim Liteon 0225 Yes
Slim Hitachi 0500AA Nonot yet, but will be with future update
Slim Liteon 0401


Slim Liteon 1071

No not yet, but will be with future update

Slim Liteon 1214

No not yet, but will be with future update



xkey/xk3y review

What's in the box:


x360key package
x360 key

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2011-10-22 lynne m... I checked it out last night and it works like a dream. Thank you for all your help, and for putting up with my constant e-mailing! I will recommend you to my friends. Thanks again.
2011-05-16 Mark G... i wish i could get a x360key as soon as it is released,lol

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